Planning The Beard Build

We had a productive trip to EP today to plan the building of Engels Beard. We’ll give you regular updates on its progress as work commences in the next few weeks!

How do you fit a room around a table?

We thought it was about time that we all sat round a table and talked about the food issues that everyone else is already talking about!   As we all know, the best way to get people together, ironically, is to provide a table and get cooking! So that’s what we’re doing on the 12th […]

Engels’ Beard in the News

We haven’t even begun the physical work of creating the 5 metre tall sculpture, and already its had some great press and sparked a lively online debate. Here are some links to the story Manchester Evening News The Times (annoyingly this is through a paywall), so here’s a picture of how it looks in the paper. […]

Food Banks in the News (again)

Thought we’d share a few links to stories relating to food banks. We’ll be posting a lot more of these I fear…   Manchester Evening News reports how food banks are not the answer to food poverty. The Guardian report on the return of rickets to the UK as poor families can’t afford fresh fruit […]

A stencil for Streetlife

After a few visits and getting to know the good people of Streetlife, we were asked if we’d like to help out with their mural project. Something, it was felt by staff, was needed to make the area by the Centre’s bins a bit nicer! Not that the outside of the place is particularly grotty […]

Welcome To The Base

A recent engagement exercise (not carried out by Engine we hasten to add!) asked the people who use Blackpool’s Streetlife Centre – The Base, what was important to them about the drop in centre that helps young people at risk in the city. They drew this doodle. When we saw it we were really struck […]

Fish Fingers…..but for how long!

Do you remember the old Bird’s Eye fish finger ads on TV?  I used to love watching the old sea Captain as a kid. Jai told me that ‘Bird’s Eye’ focus on advertizing chicken dippers now……… Cod must be getting very expensive as we continue to catch it and eat it to oblivion. I wrote […]

On The Dole

Seeing as, almost inevitably, a project I am involved in relating to food has brought up the subject of bread and beer, it seems appropriate to record here the ancient English tradition of ‘Wayfarer’s Dole‘. Growing up as I did near Winchester in Hampshire I might have known about this sooner, but it wasn’t until […]

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Food or Phone?

So today we’re back in Blackpool and we spent some time with Darren who is homeless. Yesterday he didn’t receive his £46 weekly benefit “there’s a fault at our end” he was informed. Last week Darren had a dilemma, he’d ran out of money and was starving, he decided he had no option but to […]