Fish Fingers…..but for how long!

Do you remember the old Bird’s Eye fish finger ads on TV?  I used to love watching the old sea Captain as a kid. Jai told me that ‘Bird’s Eye’ focus on advertizing chicken dippers now……… Cod must be getting very expensive as we continue to catch it and eat it to oblivion.

I wrote this about one of my own favourite dishes some time ago…………


Dead on my plate,
A cod or at least a slab of one,
Not the head nor the tail but the loin,
coated in beef dripping.
Vinegar and salt on it,
my cod, my fish from the ocean,
The Atlantic, vast, cold and deadly.
Taken by a man in a boat, in huge waves,
his life on the line but he brought it back for me,
my cod, or at least my slice of it.
Gutted, boned and fried.


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Food or Phone?

So today we’re back in Blackpool and we spent some time with Darren who is homeless. Yesterday he didn’t receive his £46 weekly benefit “there’s a fault at our end” he was informed. Last week Darren had a dilemma, he’d ran out of money and was starving, he decided he had no option but to pawn his most vital possession, his mobile phone. Darren has another 2 weeks to raise the £40 to get his phone back. Darren generously let us share his poem about his experiences at the job centre………the discarded bread roll grabbed our attention around the corner from Pizza Express……………

bread roll found on the steps of the Winter Gardens, Blackpool

bread roll found on the steps of the Winter Gardens, Blackpool