How do you fit a room around a table?

We thought it was about time that we all sat round a table and talked about the food issues that everyone else is already talking about!


As we all know, the best way to get people together, ironically, is to provide a table and get cooking! So that’s what we’re doing on the 12th March.


Artists, local politicians, people at the sharp end of food provision in Blackpool, as well as some people who are public health professionals, will all gather together to share ideas and experiences. Tall order!


The table that we’ll be sitting round has been specially commissioned by LeftCoast and artist Jai Redman will be blogging about it here in the coming weeks. The design will definitely stimulate the conversation, let’s put it that way.


The only slight problem we have is that the table may actually end up being bigger than the room…it might end up as a good old fashioned street party the way we’re going. Is it sunny in Blackpool in March?!