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Food or Phone?

So today we’re back in Blackpool and we spent some time with Darren who is homeless. Yesterday he didn’t receive his £46 weekly benefit “there’s a fault at our end” he was informed. Last week Darren had a dilemma, he’d ran out of money and was starving, he decided he had no option but to pawn his most vital possession, his mobile phone. Darren has another 2 weeks to raise the £40 to get his phone back. Darren generously let us share his poem about his experiences at the job centre………the discarded bread roll grabbed our attention around the corner from Pizza Express……………

bread roll found on the steps of the Winter Gardens, Blackpool

bread roll found on the steps of the Winter Gardens, Blackpool

Baked beans sausage cheese on toast

Great lunch with the lads and lasses at Street Life Blackpool. This followed an hour spent with Beverly, who runs the Salvation Army Bridge project in Blackpool (in an architectural gem / ex grammar school building).
Something surreal about being in Blackpool in the middle of summer, with a glut of cafés, food stalls, candy floss, etc available seemingly from every retail space, and yet every town the streets are populated with people that struggle to put food on the table, or simply can’t afford to eat. How is it that we’ve ended up with a First World Food Crisis?
We’re looking forward to working with the people we met today, and the ones we’ll meet later, to look into this issue more closely.

Engine begin Blackpool research project


Engine have begun a 6 month research project in Blackpool, we’ll be discussing food, and how it can be that there are streets full of people who can’t put food on the table.