• Throw darts at art

    D’Arts Festival

    Local darts teams join forces with artists and makers to play a unique tournament at the Whitworth Art Gallery.

  • A new commission for University of Salford

    Engels’ Beard

    We invite you to climb the face of Friedrich Engels, economic philosopher, Communist and adopted son of Salford.

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    We’re Engine, a UK based arts production company, on a mission to make great work that puts people at the heart of the creative process.  

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    You can get in touch with us via email, twitter, post or phone. Let’s make great art!

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    Our current portfolio of projects can be accessed below, or click the link to read our latest news.



We’re based in the North West of the UK, but we’re working with subjects and ideas that travel throughout the world.
Engine is all about life changing engagements through the arts. Our partnerships with educators and other creative thinkers are right at the centre of the studio’s practice.
Brilliant ideas
We have a brilliant team dedicated to making really original ideas a reality. Engine also works closely with a whole load of skilled makers and creative associates.
Make it Shine
We love to encourage the work of great makers. When it comes to production, it’s all about championing new artisan skills.


Our Latest projects

This is just a taste of what we’re up to, take a dip into our portfolio of recent projects and events.